Suffield Town HallIn 1802 , the community of what was later to be named Suffield Township was founded by Royal Pease, who was originally from Suffield, Connecticut. From 1802 until April 6, 1818, our community was known as Peasetown.  In 1818, the name was changed to Suffield Township and governing officials were elected.  Suffield is one of 18 townships in Portage County and lies in the southwest corner of the county.  We are uniquely situated in close proximity to Akron, Ohio to the west and to Hartville, Ohio to the south.  This gives our community a great mix of big city opportunities combined with rural charm.

With a population of 6,285 as noted by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2013, Suffield Township is a close knit community - a community where neighbors look out for one another and wave when passing on the road.  Township services include a highly trained Fire Department, led by Chief Robert Rasnick, providing fire and EMS protection to the township, as well as a hard working Road Department, supervised by Scott McBroom, that takes care of the roadways and other services related to the needs of  the community.

We welcome you to our community.  Please explore our website and see what Suffield has to offer.

At the Tuesday May 24th Trustee's meeting, two new firefighters were added to the Fire Department's roster at the request of Fire Chief Robert RasnickRandy Porter, who served with the Suffield Fire Department in 2010 and 2011 was rehired.  He is currently a full time fireman for the City of Green Fire Department.  Also hired was William Apitz, who began his interest in firefighting by William Apitz James Taylor 05 25 2016joining Suffield Fire Department's Explorer program.  He is the third member of the department to come from those prestigious ranks.  Kyle Knapp and Michael Morrison are the other two.  Apitz already completed his firefighter level two class and his basis EMT class, so he is ready for duty.  Pictured are William Apitz on the left and Captain James Taylor

During the discussion of Fire Department matters it was noted that Chief Rasnick has applied for a federal grant to hire some additional personnel.  This particular grant would allow the department to hire two new firefighters and would pay their salary and fringe benefits for two years.  This was noteworthy for several reasons, most notably the rise in the number of multiple call-outs, and the disproportionate number of mutual aid runs that Suffield and Mogadore share.  Multiple call-outs are when one crew of firemen are called out and a second call comes in before the first crew has completed its call.  Chief Rasnick noted that so far this year, Suffield has been called out to assist or handle calls in Mogadore on three occasions, while Mogadore has sent fire crews to Suffield 13 times.  While mutual aid is a good thing, it also lessens the home community's ability to respond to their own calls in a timely manner.  Ultimately, Chairman Tom Calcei suggested that the township should continue pursuit of the aforementioned grant, and look for other means to increase staffing.  

It was mentioned that the somewhat controversial waterline from Brimfield to the water station in the Rivermoor Estates allotment has apparently been put on hold by the County Commissioners.  Jeff Eldreth said that the line has been completed as far south as Sunnybrook Road and Old Forge Road.  Also discussed were several properties that need mowing.  Fiscal Officer Lori L. Calcei said that she is having a difficult time in locating addresses for some of the property owners of vacant houses.  Trustee Dave Vartenuk said that the residents of Suffield are part of NOPEC, the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council, and that we are eligible to purchase electricity for .635 cents per kilowatt hour through them.  If your rate with another supplier is higher, it might be worth your while to check into using NOPEC as your supplier.  See for more information.

The Trustees voted to advertise for bids to pave Palm Road from Trares Road to Randolph Road.  Trustee Jeff Eldreth said that this portion of Palm Road has never been properly paved and that the current road base is only about an inch thick.  The sealed bids must be presented to the township by July 12th and the winning contractor must be able to complete the project within 60 days.  Actual advertisement and specs will be posted in the Record Courier.  One resident, in the crowd of twelve people, wondered about the unsightly conditions of the property behind the recycle bins on State Route 43.  Tom Calcei suggested that the township should renew its efforts to get the property owner to clean up the site.  Jeff Eldreth said he would make contact with the owner and try to get them to remove some old equipment and the partial cinder block building that still stands there. The township had considered trying to get County Landbank funds to demolish the old garage, but those funds were only available for residential properties.  In the meantime, Eldreth is going to try and get the owner to install a fence behind the dumpsters as he had apparently promised in the past.  This would help keep trash from the recycle bins from accumulating on the vacant property.

On the upcoming calendar, the Trustees will hold a 2017 Budget Meeting on Tuesday July 12th at 7:00 PM, followed by the regular Trustee Meeting at 8:00  PM.  The Suffield League's Memorial Day Parade will be held next Monday at 2:00 PM along Waterloo Road near State Route 43.  This event will be held RAIN OR SHINE.  Since the chance of rain is present in the forecasts for the next 14 days, it was suggested that bringing an umbrella to the parade might be a wise idea.  Also, Boy Scout Troop 267 will again have a Pancake Breakfast at the historic Town Hall on Memorial Day from 8:00 AM until 12:00.  The Suffield Historical Society will sell hot dogs, pop and other snacks next to the Town Hall from about noon until the end of the parade.  The Trustee next meet on Tuesday June 14th at 8:00 PM.

May 11, 2015, Suffield Township Road Department employee William Knapp was struck and killed on Swartz Road by a pickup truck driven by Samantha Moseley.  She was later charged with Aggravated Vehicular Homicide and Driving Under the Influence.  After many delays, the latest of which was the postponement of a motion to suppress evidence, the process now proceeds to new dates for the suppression hearing, the pre-trial and the actual jury trial.  The suppression hearing is now scheduled for Friday June 3rd at 11:15 AM, the pre-trial for Friday June 10th at 9:30 AM and the trial for Tuesday June 14th at 9:00 AM, all of which are in Judge Laurie J. Pittman's courtroom.

Michael Marozzi Portage Co Engineer

Year after year for twenty-eight years Portage County Engineer Mickey Marozzi has hosted one of the Portage County Township Association's quarterly meetings.  This year's event was held on Saturday May 14th in the Engineer's 60-year-old garage and was catered again by Guido's Italian Restaurant from downtown Ravenna.  Present were most of the county office holders and those aspiring county office.  Commissioners Kathleen Chandler, Maureen Frederick and Vicki Kline, Auditor Janet Esposito, Treasurer Brad Cromes, Prosecutor Victor Vigluicci, Recorder Bonnie Howe, Clerk of Courts Jill Fankhauser and Health Commissioner Joseph Diorio were present along with trustees or fiscal officers from sixteen of the eighteen townships.  

These distinguished persons heard from Ohio Township Association Executive Director Matthew DeTemple and Ohio Township Association Second Vice President Tim Lynch, who both discussed various issues that affect townships and are currently being considered in the Ohio legislature.  The next meeing of the Portage County Township Association will be hosted at the Wingfoot Lake State Park by the Suffield trustees on Saturday August 20th.      

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Advertise yourself, your business or where you work by sending us your business card.  We will put it in the section above on the title bar that is entitled "Business Cards".  There is no cost to you, and the card will remain there until you ask that it be taken down, or when you ask us to replace an old card with a new, more up-to-date card.  You can e-mail the card to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or snail mail it to Jeff Childers, 229 Waterloo Road, Suffield, Ohio 44260. 

Fifteen people watched two of the three trustees conduct routine business on Tuesday May 10th at the regularly scheduled trustee's meeting.  With Chairman Tom Calcei on a business trip to China, Vice Chairman Dave Vartenuk and trustee Jeff Eldreth went through a slate of fairly mundane matters.  They had accepted road material bids back on April 26th and on this date voted to award the top two bidders in each category the opportunity to sell the township road materials for the remainder of the year.  The major prize went to Henry Luli, who bid a full dollar less than the next bidder for road oil.  Trustee Jeff Eldreth said that with these bids, the township would spend "about the same amount this year as last" on road materials.  The trustees also voted to pay two cents per resident (about $126.00 per year) to fund the county's Hazmat operations.

The trustees said they would look into the placement of a street light at the corner of Garner Drive and Martin Road.  The sticking point there is that a light would require, not just the light fixture, but a transformer as well, and the initial cost would be around $3500.  Discussed were several properties that need mowing.  Trustee Dave Vartenuk asked Fiscal Officer Lori L. Calcei to send warning letters to these property owners.  Jeff Eldreth said that a wildlife contractor had trapped four beavers south of Wingfoot Lake, but has more to catch.  He said that the new culvert that the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad had put under the track bed just north of Manning Road has already been dammed up by beavers.  The railroad said they would clean out the culvert again.  Kapity Drive resident Fred Herro asked about the water level of Wingfoot Lake and was told that another local resident Jarod Philip was in the process of getting a state-issued permit to survey the lake level.  Eldreth said that without a permit, someone being on the state property for this sort of endeavor without a permit could be construed as trespassing.

Suffield Fire Truck 2700 05 10 2016 AAlso brought up at the meeting was the passing of Road Department worker William Knapp, who was killed one year ago on May 11th.  In a related matter, a motion-to-suppress hearing in the Aggravated Vehicular Homocide case of Samantha Moseley, who was the driver that struck William Knapp, had been scheduled for Monday April 9th, but had to be continued when a visiting judge declined to hear the matter.  It is unknown at this time if this hearing can be held before the trial date, which is Monday April 23rd.  If not, the trial date will undoubtedly be postponed again.  While Chief Robert Rasnick couldn't be at the trustee's meeting, Dave Vartenuk mentioned that the new Fire Department Explorer was back from the shop with its new department logo.  It is quite a good looking vehicle.  (see above photo)  Vartenuk also mentioned that the regularly scheduled Zoning Commission meeting for May 11th has been changed to Thursday May 12th at 7:00 PM in the Administration Building.  Several members of the Zoning Commission could not attend on Wednesday, including Janelle Albertoni, who just had emergency surgery on her hip.  Best wishes to Janelle for a full and quick recovery.  The trustees meet next on Tuesday May 24th at 8:00 PM in the Administration Building. 

A near capacity crowd filled the Suffield Township Administration Building on April 26th for the Trustee's Meeting.  One of the grand old men of the township, Paul E. Young, sat in for Fiscal Officer Lori L. Calcei, who was out with a severe case of the flu.  The Trustees heard Fire Chief Robert Rasnick report on his recent trip to a firefighter's convention in Indianapolis, Indiana last week. Rasnick reported that car manufacturers are being mandated to improve upon seat beats, passenger cage construction and even the strength of window glass in cars.  This is going to make rescuing accident victims a little tougher for the first responders.  He hinted that some more powerful rescue devices are going to be needed by 2017.  Rasnick also reported that the new Ford Explorer is due to have the township's traditional logo put on it in the next week or so.

John Mancini, a Republican who is running for County Commissioner against Maureen Frederick, came to the meeting to introduce himself to the trustees and audience. 

Mary Helen SmithMary Helen Smith, environmental health director of the Portage County Health Department, came to the meeting to talk specifically about septic systems.   Mrs. Smith spoke in regards to some written questions that she had received from John Yeargin, and answered some question from the audience during her 45 minute ordeal.  She explained that the county health department is not out looking for septic system problems, but instead comes across them in several ways.  People will call her department and ask to have their system inspected, someone calls in a complaint, or on rare occasions a system may be inspected by random selection.  There are 20-21,000 septics in Portage County.  Some of these are of the old construction and would likely fail inspection.  Smith pointed out that the State of Ohio deems the old "leach wells" unacceptable, as they allow water to funnel into the water aquifer, while "leach fields" or "leach fingers" are acceptable.  She continually pointed out that her department is not in the practice of searching out delinquent septics, but rather only deal with them when absolutely necessary.  Smith said that she will be speaking on this subject again May 19th at a meeting hosted by the Portage Soil & Water at Maplewood Vocational School.

John & Joyce Falkenstein of 2029 Steffy Road came in to voice concern about the possible elimination of trees along Steffy Road near Congress Lake Road.  Mr. Falkenstein commented on the "charm" that the trees brought to the county lane.  Trustee Jeff Eldreth pointed out that the trustees had not yet voted to remove the trees, but had only voted to have the county engineer's office survey the roadway to determine who actually owned the trees.  This situation was originally called into vogue due to an alleged water problem on the township roadway.  No survey has yet been done.

The trustee's voted to accept the Road Department materials bids.  Trustee Dave Vartenuk noted that the annual Clean-Up Day this year is Saturday May 21st.  On that day residents may bring old tires (limit of ten per household) and batteries to the Road Department garage for free disposal between 8:00 AM and 12:00 noon.  Vartenuk also noted that there will not be a shredding trailer available that date, but that residents can go to the Portage County Solid Waste Management facility on Mogadore Road in Brimfield and have free shredding done at their convenience.

And lastly, Jeff Eldreth reported that some hungry beavers may be the root to some of the water problems that are plaguing southwest Suffield Township.  He learned that as water was being pumped from one low spot to another, some beavers were already working at damming up the pump.  Eldreth has contacted a trapper to remove the beavers from that area.  He also reported that he has been in contact with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in Columbus concerning the water level of Wingfoot Lake.  He is hopeful that the State will do the right thing and return the water level to its normal level of several years ago.

Upcoming Township Events

Field Class of 1976 Is Looking For Classmates

The Field High School Class of 1976 is hosting a 40-year class re-union on August 20th.  They need help locating classmates for future communications.  Please e-mail them at

Senior Lunches Available

The Family and Community Services of Portage County in conjunction with the Suffield United Church of Christ offer lunches to Seniors at the church Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 AM until 12:30 PM.  Lunch requires a donation and must be ordered one week in advance by calling Beverly Miller at 330-877-3965.

Spring 2016 Historical Society Newsletter Is Here!

Read the lastest Suffield Historical Society Newsletter, which was just published on January 28th.  At the bottom of this page, click on "Society Newsletter" to see the latest volume and past volumes.

Memorial Day Parade Is Just Around the Corner

The Suffield League is again sponsoring the Memorial Day Parade, which will be held this year on Monday May 30th at 2:00 PM.  In order to organize the event, the Suffield League asks that persons or groups that want to participate fill out the enclosed form and return it to Tom Calcei as soon as possible.  Click here to see the Entry Form.



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Wingfoot Lake State Park

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Wingfoot Lake State Park is Suffield's only park.   It was opened by the Ohio State Parks & Recreation Department in 2009.  Goodyear had operated the park since the 1960's as a private playground for its employees and for corporate retreats.  As the company footprint grew smaller in the Akron area Goodyear decided to close the park in 2006.  To learn more about the park, such as rental of the facilities, visit the park's website:

Town Hall Rental

The historic Suffield Town Hall can be rented by residents and non-residents for various events.


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Who to contact in case of emergency and assistance when you need it.

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