Your Township Trustees

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Thomas E. Calcei, Chairman


David T. Vartenuk

Jeff Eldreth in road vest

Jeffrey A. Eldreth

Lori Calcei 04 08 2016

Lori Calcei, Fiscal Officer
330-819-6947 (Cell)
330-629-5683 (Home)

Trustee Facts

Your trustees serve 4-year terms. The next election for trustee is November 7, 2017 when the seats currently held by Thomas E. Calcei and David T. Vartenuk will be on the ballot.  On November 3, 2015, the voters of Suffield Township had three candidates to choose from.  Incumbent David H. Polen, Jeff Eldreth and Alesha Wilson campaigned for Trustee.  After the dust had settled, Jeffrey Allen Eldreth won election with 1,010 votes.  David H. Polen had 560 and Alesha Wilson had 298.  Lori L. Calcei ran unopposed for Fiscal Officer and, quite naturally, won big.  Also on the ballot this year for Suffield residents was Issue 19, a tax levy of 1.25 mills for Fire Protection & EMS.  This is an important levy in order to maintain fire and EMS services at the current level and it won fairly easily 1,237 to 818.

Trustee meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 8:00 PM in the Administration Building at 1273 State Route 43. They are open to the public.


Speaking of Trustees.  Mike Kostensky, a trustee from neighboring Brimfield, has written a book entitled The Island of McBeth.  It is available at and various book stores, including, but not limited to, Barnes & Noble and the Kent State Bookstore.  The novel is based on an island near Massachusetts that secedes from the United States.


Did you know?  On December 13, 1979, in his next to last meeting as Trustee, James P. Albertoni motioned to spend $125.00 to establish a "Suffield Township Historical Library" by purchasing several books, including Portage County Atlas 1874-1978 and 1885 Portage County History.   His foresight was likely the foundation for the current Suffield Historical Society.


Suffield Hosts PCTA Meeting

About 70 members of the Portage County Township Association were hosted  (read more)


List of Past Trustees and Township Clerks


History of Elected Officials

Suffield was founded in 1802 as Peasetown.  On April 6, 1818, residents met and changed the name to Suffield Township and elected three trustees and one township clerk.  Records from then until the later 1800's were sketchy and nearly impossible to find.  From at least 1868 to 1896, trustees, clerks, treasurers and constables were elected, usually in March, for one year terms that began in April.  In 1886, the term of office for trustee changed to three years, but other elected offices remained a one-year term.  At some point, perhaps 1922, the trustee terms went to four years, and the clerk's terms have followed suit.

See the link below for a list of Suffield's trustees and clerks over the years.  Every attempt has been made to make this a complete list, but trustee minutes books are missing, age to the existing documents have faded the handwritten pages to where they cannot be accurately read, the Portage County Board of Elections suffered a flood in 1951 causing all records prior to then to be discarded, the local newspapers printed election results for the large cities but largely ignored the townships and the both the Ohio Secretary of State and the State Board of Elections are clueless to finding historical election facts.

If you have a trustee or clerk in your family tree, we are looking for photos.  We will scan them and return the original to you, or you can simply e-mail them to us.  Thanks