Your Township Trustees

folder.png 2015 Files: 11
folder.png 2014 Files: 24
folder.png 2013 Files: 25
folder.png 2012 Files: 25
folder.png 2011 Files: 26


Tom Calcei, Chairman


David Vartenuk


Dave Polen


Lori Calcei, Fiscal Officer
330-628-7420 (Office)
330-629-5683 (Home)

Trustee Facts

Your trustees serve 4-year terms. The next election is November 3, 2015.

Trustee meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 8:00 PM in the Administration Building at 1273 State Route 43. They are open to the public.

History of Elected Officials

Township government as we know it today began in 1851 with changes to the Ohio Constitution.  The legislature established a governing body for each township, which would consist of three Trustees and one township Clerk.  It was determined that two of the Trustees would be elected to a four year term at the November general election in odd years, and one Trustee and the Township Clerk would be elected two years later, also to four year terms.

See the link for a list of Suffield's Trustees and Clerk/Fiscal Officers over the years.  An attempt has been made to make a complete list, but some of the township records and some of the records from the Portage County Board of Elections are missing or incomplete.  Photos have been added where available.  If there is a Trustee or Clerk in your family past, send us a photo with name and approximate dates for inclusion to this documentary.  Thanks

List of Elected Officials