Tom Calcei (Chair)628-2437
David Vartenuk628-3497
Dave Polen628-4507

Fiscal Officer
Lori Calcei628-7420 Office
628-5683 Home

Zoning Inspector
Adam Bey352-8476

Zoning Board of Appeals
Mark Frisone (Chair)628-4296
Andy Grow628-4556
Alesha Wilson245-8399
Leo Weakland628-5970
Robert (Bill) West628-6252
Don Monroe628-9298
Victoria Vincent (Alt)628-8255

Zoning Commission
Larry Schrader (Chair)628-5794
Janelle Albertoni628-2311
Bill Arnold628-9710
Dave Duma628-5156
John Yeargin628-9382
Jeff Childers819-8905
Adam Bey628-4039
Lori Calcei(Sec)628-7420
Road Department Foreman
Scott McBroom628-4974 Office
628-5000 Fax

Fire Department
1256 Waterloo Road, Mogadore, OH 44260
Chief Bob Rasnick628-9240 Office
628-5000 Fax

Town Hall and Rental
1262 Waterloo Road, Mogadore, OH 44260
Vicki Knapp628-1936

Township Admin Building
1273 State Route 43, Mogadore, OH 44216
Township Ofices628-7420
628-5000 Fax

Township Historical Society
Judy Calcei628-2017

Portage County Recycling

Suffield Elementary School
Shawn Bookman (Principal)628-3430