The Suffield Township Board of Trustees met on Tuesday April 28th in a meeting that was closed to the public.  However, life goes on and so will the trustee meetings and accompanying business of government.  The trustees opened the road material bids, the three that were submitted.  LaFarge-Great Lakes was the prevailing bidder for slag materials, while the Henry Luli Construction Company earned the township's chip & seal business. According to trustee chairman Jeff Eldreth, the Road Department will begin road patching next week.  Eldreth also asked for a purchase order in the amount of $18,500 to start the new hoop building salt barn project.  The purchase order was made out to 83 Construction Company of Millersburg, Ohio.  Eldreth also acknowledged that the annual Township Clean Up Day, held in coordination with Portage County Solid Waste Management District has been canceled for 2020.  They hope to have a county clean-up day in 2021.

Trustee Tom Calcei said that he had received a complaint of someone operating a non-conforming mower repair business out a house on Griggy Road.  Zoning Inspector Adam Bey was tasked with the job of checking out this complaint.  Bey said that the Testa Companies were ready to start working on the project at the old West Country Club.  Some discussion was had on the immediate future of Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings.  The trustees appear to be of the mindset to either hold these meetings by using social distancing, or holding the meetings, while still closed to the public, by streaming them live over the internet.  No final decision was achieved.  There was some shallow discussion on the subject of "food trucks" operating in the township.  Food trucks are not currently addressed in the Zoning Resolutions.  The matter arose when a food truck was seen operating at the Double D Plaza.  It was suggested that the Zoning Commission look into the matter.

Tom Calcei said that the Suffield League Memorial Day Parade has been officially canceled for 2020.  He proudly acknowledged the generosity of the Suffield Township community in donating approximately $4,800 in the first 48 hours of the drive to raise money for new American flags that are used in the downtown area.  The goal for buying new flags was $3,800.  Extra flags will be purchased with the additional funds.

The trustees next meet on Tuesday May 12th at 8:00 PM in the Suffield Community Room at 1256 Waterloo Road.  The Zoning Commission is scheduled for a 7:00 PM meeting on Wednesday May 13th, also in the Community Room.  No Board of Zoning Appeals hearing have been announced.