The Suffield Township Board of Trustees met on Tuesday May 12th, and thanks to Shannon Eldreth the meeting was available to the public through the wonders of the internet and Facebook in particular. 

Fiscal Officer Lori Calcei said that the Bureau of Workers Compensation returned the township's entire $19,000 premium that was billed and paid for in 2018.   The BWC had generated an excess of funds and was returning money to the communities that had paid into the system.  Calcei also said that with the Covid-19 situation and related fiscal matters, she will be monitoring the gas tax revenues and Local Government Fund allocations, both of which will generally affect the 2021 fiscal budget.  Fire Chief Bob Rasnick reported that the Fire Department had participated in 58 calls in April.  This is approximately the same number of calls for service as this time last year.  Rasnick said that the fire fighters had been doing training online.  He also asked that the trustees hire Kasey Beaver.  She will be required to serve the normal one year probationary period.  Trustee Tom Calcei motioned that Beaver be hired.  The trustees voted 3-0 to hire Kasey Beaver.

Tom Calcei also mentioned that the Suffield League's campaign to raise money for new flags to be used in the downtown area was a huge success.  The Suffield League has ordered 200 flags and some new mounting hardware, and hope to have these new flags in place by Memorial Day.   He also confirmed that the Memorial Day parade will not be held  this year.  Trustee Jared Phillip said he had received a noise complaint caused by dirt bikes being operated along Etter Road.  After some discussion, it was decided to table the complaint.

The Zoning Inspector said that the Portage County Land Bank has implied that the Land Bank will likely demolish the derelict property at 2412 Sunnybrook Road by the end of this year.  The cost will be borne by the Land Bank.  The Zoning Inspector also said that the old West Country Club property, of which about nine acres is in Suffield Township, is moving forward and that some zoning moves will need to take place.  He said that the Zoning Commission will take up this matter at their next meeting, which is Wednesday May 13th.  The Zoning Inspector also said that the "food truck" issue will be discussed at the Zoning Commission meeting.  This concerns a man who has been operating a food truck at the Double D Plaza without the benefit of a permit. 

The next trustee meeting will be Tuesday May 26th at 7:00 AM.  The Zoning Commission next meets on Wednesday May 13th at 7:00 PM.  There are no Board of Zoning Appeals meetings scheduled.