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A Brief History of Suffield

In 1802, Royal Pease came to the Western Reserve from Suffield, Connecticut. He built a crude cabin and began the arduous task of clearing land and planting crops. He was joined by others, many of whom came from New England and Pennsylvania. The area was called Peasetown and about twelve years later, when the township was organized, it was called Suffield.

Soon schools, churches, and a number of small businesses came to the area. By the turn of the century downtown Suffield was a thriving community. Farming grew in importance. Fritch's Pond, known today as Wingfoot Lake, was the center of much industry. Today it is best known as the home of the Goodyear Blimp.

The Suffield community has grown and developed over the decades, but it still values the spirit of independence and hard work that has been passed down through many generations.