Our Road Department is getting ready for your Summer road work. As funds are available, the below list of roads represents the maintenance schedule this year.

The following work is planned for the summer of 2016:

Chip & Seal

Palm Road & Saxe Road from Randolph Road to Ranfield Road, 1.3 miles

Steffy Road from Congress Lake Road to Griggy Road, 1.3 miles

Griggy Road from Waterloo Road to Pontius Road, 1.6 miles

Manning Road from Mishler Road to Heimbaugh Road, .6 miles

Woodsdale Drive, entire length, .6 miles

Deer Crossing, entire length, .25 miles

Deer Run Circle, entire length, .15 miles



Palm Road from Randolph Road to Trares Road


While this is the plan for 2016 road maintenance, there may be some changes, dependent on the actual cost of repaving Palm Road.  Chip & Seal will be done by the Suffield Road Department.  Repavement of Palm Road will be done by a private contractor, to be determined by bids submitted and opened on July 12, 2016. 


Street Light Outages

If you see a street light that is out or intermittent, you can contact First Energy directly via their secure online Lighting Problem website. The website is the fastest method to report lights, and it also allows for the Township or residents to receive follow up on the status of the repairs.

Snow Removal Notice to private contractors and home owners
The Township has an ongoing problem with homeowners and private snow removal contractors pushing snow into the streets. It is important to know that the township has a right to keep its roads free from obstructions, and placing snow on the road from a private drive is creating or has the potential to create obstructions (which depending on the amount being plowed into the roadway) could create hazardous conditions. Along those lines, you may be exposed to liability if you place an obstruction or hazard on the road, if it might cause traffic hazards. Please be courteous when removing snow from your driveways, and don't push it into the road.